Masterbatch is an additive that imparts Color to the Plastic. Masterbatch is dispersed in a Medium/Carrier at a very High Concentration;however, this Carrier must be Compatible with the Original Plastic in which it is blended during the Molding Stage.

Masterbatch also renders some Special Functional Properties to the Final Product like

UV Resistance.

Electrical Conductivity.

Special Effects like Texture Finish, Metallic, Pearl, etc.

Antistatic Agents

Slip Antiblock

Masterbatch is available in White, Black and other Colors. Masterbatch could also be mixed to get a Custom-Made Color.

Metratrade also has developed reliable sources for supplying Plasticizers. These are Special Additives and are used forUnique Applications Such as Wires and Cables for Industries like Appliances, Electronics, Networking to name a few applications.

Plasticizers like DBP, DPO, DPHP, etc. are incorporated in the manufacturing process for better Flexibility& Resistance for Enhanced Life of the Finish Product.