Cosmetic Chemicals

Our range of Cosmetic chemicals go into various industries such as manufacturers of hand creams, hair gels, ointments and various food industries. As required by certain manufacturing sectors we source products which are NSF grade and in certain cases such as Mineral Oil and Petroleum Jelly, we source products of USP standards.

 We also have a large consumption of Fatty alcohols and Soap Noodles used by customers involved in the manufacture of toilet soaps.

 Most fatty alcohols are sourced from Far East and our Glycerine is of non- animal origin. We also promote Coco di ethanol amine,a plant-basedsurface-active agent in cosmetic industry.

 The List of Cosmetic Chemicals we can ably supply are as follows

 Talc 325 mesh Cosmetic Grade

Mineral Oil

Petroleum Jelly


Cetyl Alcohol

Steryl Alcohol

Ceto-steryl Alcohol

Stearic acid (triple pressed)

Soap Noodles