Calcium Carbide

Calcium Carbide is solid substance in form of pieces of irregular shapes or in powder, violet black in colour. It is hygroscopic compound. It reacts with water or humidity in air and releases extremely inflammable acetylene gas.Molecular Formula: CaC2


For manufacturing of Acetylene gas; production of calcium cyanamide and for desulphurisation in steel making.

Technical specifications

Gas Yield: 295 L/kg Min

PH3: 0.06 Max

H2S: 0.06% max

Available Sizes

 0-4/4-7/7-15/15-25/25-50/50-80 (mm


Metal barrels of 50 kgs. /100 kgs. /200 kgs. net. Weight

Also available in PE bags of 10 kgs. and 5 kgs. weight which are further packed metal barrels.

metratraCalcium Carbide