General Chemicals

We are currently involved in sourcing/supply of chemicals from North America, Europe, India, China and South Korea.

We at Metratrade have the capability of sourcing most of the fine chemicals employed in manufacturing including

Caustic Soda(Flakes)
Caustic Soda(Pearls)
Oxalic Acid
Soda Ash(Dense)
Soda Ash(Light)
Hydrogen Peroxide (50%)
Hydrogen Peroxide (35%)

The list of general chemicals is given above is not exhaustive.


The acids sourced by Metratrade go into various industries such as Steel Industry for pickeling metals, fertilizer industry, synthesis of various compounds and in cleaning products. Food grade Phosphoric acid goes as flavouring agent in foods and in cosmetic and skin care products. The acetic acid we source is used not only in the manufacture of Vinegar, but as Vinyl Acetate monomer in paint industry. Products like Hydrochloric acid are used in Pharmaceutical industry and in metal industry for electroplating and cleaning of steel. Our acid list includes

Hydrochloric Acid
Sulfuric Acid
Nitric acid
Acetic Acid
Phosphoric acid 85%(Industrial and Food Grade)